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Worm Castings - Certified Organic Fertilizers:

Earth Worm Castings, Liquid Fertilizer, Chicken Litter, and Other Soil Amendments.

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Welcome to our site.  Here you'll find extensive information on these certified organic fertilizers based on worm castings (worm poop) - nature's perfect fertilizer.  You'll discover what they are and exactly how to use them.

"Worm Poop"

Pure Black Castings™ are the most potent worm castings available.  Find out how our castings are "Super-Charged", giving you the most effective source of organic fertilizer for your garden, lawn and plants.

Certified organic and OMRI listed, Pure Black Castings™ are 99.9% ALL worm castings, containing no filler or excess moisture. You're getting nothing but enhanced worm castings.

Liquid Worm Castings Fertilizer

VermaPlex® is a liquid soil amendment made from  Pure Black Castings™.  Not to be confused with "worm tea", which is unstable and must be used immediately.   VermaPlex® stays potent for longer than 2 years.

Discover why using these earthworm castings and liquid worm fertilizers are  so important.

Organic Chicken Manure:

VermaMax -Organic Chicken Litter   See the cartoon!

VermaMax® is organic chicken litter composted by a patented process using VermaPlex® combined with worm castings.  VermaMax® fulfills your extra nitrogen needs and contains an astounding 6.72% calcium. VermaMax® contains Pure Black Castings™.

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Tested and Measured for Quality

See why these certified organic fertilizers based on worm castings are superior in quality, consistency and effectiveness.

Benefits of Using Worm Castings:

Discover the benefits of worm castings and why castings are Nature's most perfect fertilizers.

Where to Buy Worm Castings 

Online Store Can't find worm castings for sale near you?   Buy Pure Black Castings™ and VermaPlex® from our secure online store now. 

We ship within 24 hours after we receive your order and you'll receive free Use/application guides immediately. Return often to this site for useful information and updates.

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Pure Black Castings™  "Worm Poop" enhanced to maximum potency.  99.9% pure .
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VermaPlex®:  A powerful yet safe liquid plant fertilize.
Made from Pure Black Castings™.
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"I just visited the botanical garden in San Francisco. They were so lovely...but, I thought, my garden looks just as good since using VermaPlex®. AND without a controlled environment or an army of gardeners! Thanks so much..." Joy from Miami, Aug. 2011

New! VermaMax®,, Organic chicken litter (poop) composted with VermaPlex® then mixed with worm castings. For extra nitrogen uses.

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