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What is VermaPlex®, Anyway...?

....and what's all the fuss about?  We'll get to the fuss in a moment.  First, here's the low-down:

Vermaplex One Gallon

Best Value:  1 Gallon VermaPlex®
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Description -
:  An organic specialty fertilizer derived, through a patented process, from certified organic, OMRI listed, Pure Black Castings™.

VermaPex® contains:
  • Beneficial microbes
  • Liquid Humate,
  • Yucca,
  • Soluble Sea Kelp,
  • Amino Acids

The sea kelp component of VermaPlex® is "widely recognized as an excellent source of auxin, cytokines, and natural hormones."  (We're quoting biologists and horticulturalists - plant experts.)

  This amazing liquid fertilizer, with specially balanced humic acid and plant extracts, returns your soil's balance. Beneficial microorganisms are encouraged.  Keep reading and you'll see why this is so important to your soil.  

The Fuss About VermaPlex®

What do all these facts about VermaPlex® mean to you, me, and Mother Earth?  Plenty.

Way back "in the good ol' days", all farming and gardening was done "organically".  That is, farmers and gardeners used available manures, compost, and vermi-compost as fertilizer.  They depended on microbes in the soil to process the organic materials and slowly release the nutrients for the plants.

  Back then, the soils were teaming with these microbes, filled with organic material,  and loaded with micro-nutrients. 
As cheap chemical fertilizers became readily available, as farming became more mechanized, and as folks looked for fertilizing "quick fixes", the soil conditions quickly deteriorated.
What we're left with is basically dead soil.

Back To The Future

Today, most of us are coming to realize that this soil destruction cannot continue.  More and more of us are returning to organic methods of gardening and focusing on improving our soils - in bringing it back to life.

VermaPlex® quickly achieves this goal by helping return your soil to the original healthy balance for "microbial biodiversity" .  Working on available organic content in the form of your compost, vermicompost, or worm castings, microbes release life-giving nutrients to your plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

What Are The Results of Using VermaPlex®?

You'll see immediate results after you apply VermaPlex®.

  • Roots grow quicker
  • Seeds sprout faster
  • Plants grow stronger
  • Flowers bloom longer
  • Lawns turn greener

Your soils and plants become healthier and are safer:

  • Nematodes are eradicated through "competitive exclusion" .
  • Plant disease is minimized
  • VermaPlex® is safe.  No warning signs are needed after application
  • VermaPlex® will never "burn" of tender plants, ever

VermaPlex® is potent and stable. Unlike "worm tea", it stays viable for years rather than hours.  It's also concentrated - a little goes a long way.  One gallon of VermaPlex® equals 20 gallons + of solution.  You can use it as a foliar feed or drench.

Put the life back into your soil today.  Apply VermaPlex® to your garden, plants, flowers and start seeing amazing results, organically.  

Where to Buy VermaPlex®:

Got a problem plant? Try an economical quart size today.  You'll see results in a very short time.  Gallons and bulk quantities of VermaPlex® are also available.

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  •  VermaMax®. Organic chicken manure uniquely composted using VermaPlex®.  There's no other chicken poop created using this patented process.  For extra nitrogen needs.  6% calcium!

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